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The Present

The tradition of making wine started in Persia thousands of years ago. A tradition that we want to continue with wines that are vinted with the utmost care and dedication in California.

Two iconic grape varietals are presented in a ‘Chardonnay’ and a ‘Shiraz’. These wines are beautifully balanced not to overpower the delicate Persian flavors but to accompany the authentic Persian cuisine.

Find our wine in over 25 restaurants or enjoy the wine at home with family and friends.


Persian Tradition - Chardonnay - Monterey County 

Our white grapes are sourced with care from Monterey County. The transverse mountain range topography of the valley allows warm days and cool nights to produce a long and nourishing growing season.

“Golden yellow in color, creamy vanilla, apricots and ripe pineapple on the nose. The palate is firm and fruit driven with an essence of tropical fruits and a touch of creaminess that integrates wonderfully with delicate oak notes.”

Try Persian Tradition Chardonnay with an eggplant dish like ‘kashke bademjan’, a homemade stew like ‘ghoreshte gheymeh’ or with grilled saffron chicken skewers.


Persian Tradition - Shiraz - Monterey County 

We carefully sourced the red grapes from the San Antonio Valley in South Monterey County. The Vines are planted in a rocky, calcareous soil that is needed to produce our rich and characteristic Shiraz wines;

“Deep red with a purple hue, aromas of violets, wild berries and a pinch of pepper. The palate is lush and rich, ripe and fruit forward with red berries, plums, juicy black cherry flavours and a hint of oak that will leave you a mouthwatering finish.”

Our Persian Tradition Shiraz pairs perfectly with grilled vegetables and charbroiled kabobs.




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