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Join our wine club IRAN lets grow Shiraz in Shiraz

OPTION 1: Join our wine club

  • Our Goal: Make people happy with great wine inspired by our Persian roots.
  • Our Dreams: Open a tasting room, build a winery, grow Shiraz grapes in Shiraz...
  • Join us, fall in love with our fruit forward wine, join a wine club.

We will ship your choice of wine every 3 months;

  1. March: for Nowruz and Sizdah Bedar;
  2. June: for the summer dinners with friends;
  3. September: enjoy our latest release;
  4. December: to help you entertain in the best month of the year.

Why? 25% off all your club wine, Free club shipping*, Enjoy award winning wines first.

By joining a club you: help us to grow the brand and allow us to make more wonderful wine.

See what happens when you invest in happiness.

*Your shipping cost within California is included in the club membership.

OPTION 2: Join us

There is something better than joing the club: that is joining us !

Please give us a call: 1-855-946-3855

Besalamati / Cheers Mark & Skokou